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Again this year, CATR will be facilitating a mentorship program. Ahead of the conference, we will create mentoring partnerships, matching graduate students and new scholars with established scholars. These pairs can connect over email in advance of the conference, make time to meet in person during the conference, and ideally continue to be in contact after the conference has ended. Name and email: Institutional affiliation if any : Career stage student? A traditional optic of a mentorship relationship images an established scholar sharing wisdom with, and guiding a junior, budding scholar.

Fortunately, queering teaching reveals a possibility of relational wisdom exchange that is based on experience-knowledge and on the vitality and passion of a green leaf. There are various ways to navigate a mentor-mentoree relationship which involves a brief time commitment all the way to a long-standing relationship. We advise to clearly define time commitment boundaries, and for the mentoree to gracefully respect these.

Some exchanges may be driven by understanding how to navigate the protocol of academia in all its how-to steps; cv, cover letter, trends, service work, publishing and score, conferences must, navigating calls for papers, dissertation and early career awards, course development, etc. Some exchanges might relate to life-work balance: motherhood and parenthood in the academe, how to stay fit while sitting hours-long period at the computer, mental health check, etc.

At this time, there are no dedicated slots, nor rooms, allotted for programmed mentoring relationship activities.

Evolution du cerveau : des gènes aux circuits / Brain evolution: from genes to circuits

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Friday 27th september Come to Investigate. For the edition, the European Researchers Night chose the theme 1. As we can now mobilize more than researchers, We play on this polysemy as well as on the reference made by our slogan to the book Arabian Nights One Thousand and One Nights , the legendary collection of multiple tales. In this way, the theme does not invite visitors to listen in passive silence to stories, but rather to join in a game of exchange with researchers.

This game enables all participants to critically discuss communication, to come to a better understanding together of what research activity entails. Involve members of the public and awaken the desire to develop and maintain a connection with research before and after the event Each city bring his personal touch Our evening events are all prepared using the same approach, will all rely and will adopt the same common interactions, like Speed-searching, Tell Me a Tale of Research, The Fake News Laboratory, Meetings in the Dark Common interactions Stage Designs Scenography Playful, aesthetic and interactive presentations and special atmospheres will be created in order to facilitate the encounter between the public and the researchers.

The idea is to provide immersion into the researchers’ world and highlight its attractiveness. The scenography will be adapted to our particularly evocative themes. Speed-searching This is a variation on speed-dating where members of the general public meet researchers instead of bachelors.

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Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Abstract Searching for a way to read, think, research, and write with complex theory, the authors of this book review came together for a peer-led doctoral reading group. Given our disparate disciplinary commitments, as well as our uncertainty as to how to embark on such a task, our group coalesced around the approach offered by Alecia Y.

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Compte rendu en anglais. The abstracts of the talks are reproduced below in the order of their presentation at the workshop. Arnold Kriegstein UC San Francisco, CA, USA presented his analysis of some of the cellular and molecular aspects of the development characterizing primates and in particular human cortex. He focused on his discovery of outer radial glial oRG cells which are neural progenitors participating to the expansion of the number of neurons populating superficial layers of the cortex in human.

He also reported some new efforts to perform single cell RNA sequencing in order to analyze the diversity of cell types within progenitors of the human cortex. His work identified novel genes and unique signaling pathways expressed in various sub-populations of neural progenitors, migrating and differentiating neurons as well as non-neuronal cell types in the developing human brain.

Ed Lein Allen Brain Institute, Seattle, USA presented some new results from a large scale study of neuronal diversity characterizing developing human cortical neurons using an array of approaches including multiplexed patch clamp recording and single cell RNA sequencing. His work reveals novel neuronal subtypes defined by their functional properties, their connectivity or at least their morphology and their gene expression profiles.

This large-scale approaches will lead to new insights into what is unique about cortical circuits characterizing the human brain. Colette Dehay INSERM, Lyon discussed the spatiotemporal regulation of the cell cycle in the neocortex how corticogenesis dynamics differs between primates and rodents.


In the interests of clarity, those Directives should be recast. It should therefore simplify and streamline the existing provisions for those categories in a single instrument. Despite differences between the categories covered by this Directive, they also share a number of characteristics which makes it possible to address them through a common legal framework at Union level.

This Directive should contribute to the Stockholm Programme’s aim of approximating national legislation on the conditions for entry and residence of third-country nationals. Immigration from outside the Union is one source of highly skilled people, and students and researchers are in particular increasingly sought after.

This was a variation on speed-dating where members of the general public ?wiki=WelCome.

Registered or subscribed? We’re not on Planet of the Apes, but almost. Indeed, scientists have just implanted a gene specific to man that would be responsible for the size of our brain and our so-called advanced cognitive abilities. The result is so spectacular that the research was immediately stopped for ethical reasons.

Indeed, the implanted monkeys are endowed with a much larger brain with potential cognitive capacities located in areas that ethics forbids us to cross. For the time being. The expansion of the human brain during evolution, and in particular the neocortex, is related to our cognitive abilities such as reasoning and language. A certain gene called ARHGAP11B, which is only found in humans, triggers the formation of additional brain stem cells, a prerequisite for a larger brain.

Previous studies have shown that ARHGAP11B, when expressed in mice and ferrets at physiologically high levels, causes expansion of the neocortex, but its relevance to the evolution of primates was not yet clear.

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CV in PDF format: click here. Professional address: Belgian, One child. Received: “La Plus Grande Distinction”. Supervisors: Professors G.

Scientific Outreach – Scientific speed dating: meeting elementary school students to promote research, including a special hands- on experiment performed with.

A confocal image of the fully developed embryo stained with Calcofluor white that visualises the cell walls. We can see the developing vascular tissues that will be immediately functional after germination and a very small embryonic root that will rapidly grow and develop root hairs and vascular tissues to explore the soil and to p … rovide with the water and minerals to the young plant.

Ora Hazak hazakora. Pour en acheter, adressez-vous au personnel du Jardin. If you’d like to know more about that, check out our latest news on the homepage, featuring Prof. We are very proud to announce that one of our students, Dr Vivian Link, under the direction of Prof. Congratulations Vivian! Check out the article on our website :. How a basal marine organism can achieve such a complex task? Only 3 days left for the open position as a Professor in Plant Science!

This picture offers the possibility to see some important internal organs of flowers, in particular ovules. The authors show that a small beetle could reduce the number of people in Europe with an allergy to the ragweed by 2 mill … ion and the health costs by 1 billion Euros per year. Last edition of Horizons, the Swiss Research Magazine, published on March 5 features the work of Bacher group on invasive species.

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